Buying used caravan awnings isn't something that should be taken lightly. You should first ask yourself many different questions and in this post I would like to go through just a few of the specific questions you may want to consider before you buy any used caravan awnings.

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12 FT SunSetter Motorized Retractable Awning Outdoor Deck Patio Awnings

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Money! How much will you be saving by buy a used awning? Lets be honest here if we could we would all like to buy a new caravan awning but the reality is that in today’s economic climate we are all trying to have a little fun from our holidays without breaking the bank. Obviously the more you pay for used caravan awnings the more chance you will get one that is in better condition but this won't always be the case. If you consider the original price of some of the higher end manufacturers, when they come up for sale then obviously the original owner will want to get as much back of his original payout.

What do you NEED the awning for? Notice I said need and not want, that’s because these caravan accessories can sometimes not be the wonderful addition they were suppose to be for. The main reason for buying used caravan awnings is to extend your living space while on holiday, but if you want something that is easy to put up and take down after just a weekend break there are other ways to extend your space outside without the need for an awning. If you’re the type of caravanners that used your mobile home from home to explore new areas and spend the most part of the day walking hills or along the beaches, then extending your caravan space may not be something that is of priority to yourself. If however you park your caravan permanently at one site, or take long holidays in hotter climes, then a used caravan awning will be an ideal purchase for yourself.

Where is best to buy used caravan awnings? Once you’ve decided that you need a caravan awning and that you know what type of money you want to spend on one comes the hardest part, were to get one! For used caravan awnings there are 3 sources, first word of mouth, next local retailers and last eBay, but not in that order. Buying your friends waning or a friend of a friend is often the best way to get a good used awning but sometimes not the most economical. Many people find it hard to knock the price of an item down if their buying it from a friend, leaving you paying whatever they asked for really. Sometimes the seller will want a realistic price but often they want as much money as they can get to put towards their next awning. Buying from a local retailer often ends up you paying more than it was bought for. All shops need to make a profit and to do so have to inflate the price of goods to cover the costs and find their profits. If you have a used awning and want to upgrade then finding a local retailer who may part exchange yours would be a great way to go, but most if not all retailers will only part exchange your old caravan awning for a new one. The last place to consider would be eBay. The biggest advantage of buying from eBay is you have control over how much you want to spend, the type of used caravan awning you want to buy and the ability of grabbing a bargain.

These are just three things for you to consider when buying used caravan awnings, I’m sure there’s plenty more for you to consider when looking for a bargain in used caravan awnings.