With summer well on its way more and more people are taking caravanning holidays. What better way to save some money and have a great time in the British Isles. For many the interior space of their caravan can be very disheartening and often they’ll opt for extending their vans with full size caravan awnings, but for weekend trips these are just not practical. Used caravan porch awnings will not only save you money and extend the usable space of your caravan but they shouldn't take you 2 or more hours to set up.

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Used caravan porch awnings are ideal for buying as a mail order item as they are often far less bulky and weigh a lot less than their bigger counter parts. If you take a look at eBay you'll probably find individual sellers willing to post you their used caravan porch awning to anywhere in the UK for around £10. That’s a bargain if you consider the cost of fuel and parking when you visit your local retailers.

SunnCamp caravan porch awnings seem to be the most popular make available within the UK but all the other major manufacturers like Bradcot, Isabella and Dorema all have their own take on their caravan porch awnings. Another advantage of buying used caravan porch awnings from eBay is that many times the seller will actually erect the awning and take pictures of them for you to see the item before you buy it. Used caravan awnings being sold often are done so with just a stock photo of what it looked like when it was new.

For me the main things I look for when buying used caravan porch awning is price, size, weight and postage. Unlike caravan awnings the porch awnings are far less to buy new so to get hold of a used caravan porch awning should not be bursting the bank. Just like the full size awnings, porch awnings come in a variety of sizes. Choosing the one that suits your needs will depend on what you want to do with it. It should be a light weight affair now as modern technology has developed light weight materials and it should be easy to put up and take down. For me postage is always something I consider in the price of the unit. eBay is a wonderful way to buy second hand used caravan porch awnings along with everything else you’ll need for a great caravan holiday, but often the sellers try and get some extra money for their item by upping the postage, just something to remember.

Should you buy a used caravan porch awning or a used caravan awning? That is a simple question to answer really. If you do weekend trips then most defiantly you should be looking to buy used caravan porch awnings, if however you spend a week or more with your caravan parked on a site then used caravan awnings would be the choice for you. For me, I have them both and in fact I have 2 of each, not because I’m greedy but because each porch or awning is better for a specific task. Weekend walks in the hills in rainy April only requires that I have a very small caravan porch awning to take my wet waterproofs and muddy bots off in but my 4 weeks holiday in the south of France I have a 350cm Isabella for the maximum amount of space outside in the hot humid evenings.

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